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Journalism jobs are going the way of the chimney sweep

With every TAFE and university running courses in journalism or communications or media you would think there were a million jobs out there.

The truth is that the expert journalists are going the way of the chimney sweep.

Chimney Sweep canva (2017_09_18 00_22_14 UTC)

The market for full time journalists has just got worse. 180 experienced, first class journalists at Australian Associated Press are to finish up at the end of June.

Media companies are no longer subscribing to high quality news sources when there is so much free material available. I heard Hugh Rimmington say that there were more podcasters in Melbourne than baristas!! 63

Anyone can write a blog, film TikTok posts and YouTube videos.

It may not be fancy, but it’s cheap.

Before you decide to spend your next 3 years on an exciting journalism/communications/ media course, check JobOutlook to assess how long it will take to get a job and earn enough to pay back your course fees.

When you have done that, start your blog, start taking photos, start writing scripts and do free online courses to teach yourself about the industry.


….talk to your career advisor before you decide to compete for jobs with the 180 outstanding, experienced AAP journalists who are about to start looking for jobs in a diminishing job market. 

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