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We used to be called the farmer’s WIFE – Information about women farmers

We used to be called the farmer’s WIFE.

At least we have moved on from that! But sadly, not far.

While women make up half the rural workforce and generate half the income, they are still almost invisible when it comes to leadership and power in the rural economy.

INvisible farmer cattle

As with women in trades and in science and computing jobs, women in agriculture are ignored, overlooked and explained away when it comes to opportunities to participate in decision-making. 

Women do not have adequate representation on rural decision-making bodies:

  • Agricultural commodity councils: 91% male, 9% female
  • Rural representative bodies: 87% male, 13% female
  • Publicly listed agricultural companies: 93% male, 7% female
  • Only 2.3% of CEOs in Australian agribusinesses are female, compared with an average of 17% across other industries.

Source: Visible Farmer Campaign


There is clear evidence of a shortage of workers in agriculture, the world is craving fresh, clean food and the industry is demanding higher level skills to address issues of climate change.

INvisible farmer organic farming

Despite all this and despite more women than men graduating from uni, women are still not being seen or heard in primary industries.


The Visible Farmer is a media campaign to increase the visibility of rural women.

Check out the series of 15 short videos here. Tell your friends. Show them to your classes.

Join the RRR Women’s Network to see what other women are doing to try to get a fair go for RRR women in WA.

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There are 120 high schools across Western Australia that save time and deliver better careers education by linking into the In Focus Careers Network.




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