Magic Happens – Year 10 Careers Handbook for 2020

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Thanks to those who have given feedback. I am putting that in now.

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The Handbook is bringing together key information I have researched for my In Focus Careers Newsletter.

Three Sections

There are three sections:

  1. Finding Your Purpose: (there is no point starting off if you have no idea where you are going).
  2. Skills for Success which include:
    1. Time Management
    2. Aptitude quizzes and research into possible careers
    3. WACE subject selection
    4. Employability skills and work experience
    5. Job Applications and interview skills
    6. Legal aspects of employment
  3. Achieving Success includes:
    1. SMART goal setting
    2. SWOT and USED Analysis
    3. Making Ideas Happen – Project Planning


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Author: Bev Johnson

A fantastic careers teacher may have changed my life. I've spent my career going from job to job. After washing cars and working in bars I went into marketing. I then became an English teacher. Teaching has been the foundation for a lot of my career. I went into TAFE where I designed participation programs, then into HR, then developed training programs for industry.  I taught e-commerce and developed systems to make it easier for organisations to work together. I kept going for scholarships and going back to uni along the way. At one time I became a world expert on collaboration frameworks, and discovered it was tricky having a conversation about THAT with anyone I knew!! I now focus on delivering information that helps careers teachers to be fantastic. You can tap into my expertise by subscribing to my newsletter. Contact me at or M: 0434056412

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