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You are not the first person with a disability to want to go to uni…

If you have a disability and want to go to uni contact them early.  Just by having a disability you can get university support staff to swing in to help you, while you are still at school.

These experts have done it all before. They know what is possible.

Complete the Understanding Your Study Requirements worksheet then contact the university of your choice.


Contact the university of your choice to find what is possible:



How can we help you?

Curtin has a comprehensive range of services starting before you even start to enrol.

Disability Advisors
Building 109, Level 2 (lift access available)

Telephone: +61 8 9266 7850
Freecall: 1800 651 878 Email:



Disability Services

If you wish to register or just to find out more information about your options, telephone the Equity, Diversity and Disability Service on 9370 6960 or email

logo-notre-dameNotre Dame

Access and Inclusion Advisor


Academic Enabling and Support Centre ND44
28 Mouat St Fremantle WA 6160

Email: Phone: 08 9433 0950



Equity and Social Inclusion Office

Don’t wait for there to be a problem; we want you to know that professional help is available when you need it. Making contact early with Disability staff will assist you to get the best from your Murdoch enrolment.

Phone: (08) 9360 6084 Email:




A disability officer can provide information to prospective students and their families.

Make an appointment to see a disability officer by phoning Student Wellbeing on (+61 8) 6488 2423.



Disability Support

Students with a disability or medical condition whether permanent or temporary should make contact with the Student Support Centre as early as possible. Various support services may take time to organise whilst others can be put in place quickly.

Discover your world of possibilities 

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Thanks for the latest e-mail Bev, and for all the information and inspiring ideas over the year. Since I have become a part of  the (In Focus Careers) network I have grown in knowledge and motivation to really make a difference for our young people. 

(South West Regional Government High School.)

My Commitment to West Australian Careers Education

For In Focus Careers to be the conduit to Insanely Great Careers Information for West Australian students I:


  • Write 10 insanely great issues of In Focus Careers newsletter each year that focus on the needs of West Australian students and careers teachers.
  • Search for local, national and international information that could impact on the careers of West Australian students.
  • Connect you with insanely great careers teachers across the In Focus Careers network.
  • Listen to and support West Australian careers teachers
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