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Start Your Degree in High School

Is it ever too early to start at university?

Now you can start your degree while still at school. Three universities in Western Australia offer free, or low cost, university units to school students.

Starting uni early will not only save you money, it will give you a taste of university life and teach you adult learning styles, you will meet lecturers and learn about their expectations and be treated as an equal in an adult world.

Getting a taste of uni while still at school could help you to decide which career direction to take.

Murdoch University – Horizons Summer School

The Horizons Summer School  enables year 11s transitioning to Year 12 to experience university, get academic skills for year 12 and get credit for one unit towards a Murdoch degree.

Students participate in lectures, workshops, labs and group activities to generate innovative solutions as they explore various global topics and subject areas, like the Global Compact which incorporates the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

When? Friday 4 January to Friday 25 January 2019.

Cost? $450 but with fee waivers for equity students and in particular for students attending Murdoch ATAR RISE Schools.

Central Queensland University (CQU) Start Uni Now (SUN)

Year 11 and 12 students and high achieving Year 10s in their final term, can take units at CQU which may lead to credits towards a CQU degree.

Each of these SUN units has SCSA endorsement.

  • Introduction to Nursing
  • Current Trends in Psychology
  • Education as a Profession
  • Introduction to Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Introduction to Contract Law
  • Introduction to Law
  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge

Students may count four Endorsed Programs towards their WACE. If the unit is part of the degree that you enrol in, a credit transfer would count towards your degree. (For example, Introduction to Nursing would probably include a number of principles that would be taught in a first year nursing degree program.)

By carefully choosing units that may get you credits you could reduce the number of units you need to take when you go to university.

The first SUN unit that you enrol in is free and after that they will cost $375 per unit. Most university units cost between $800 – $1200.

ECU – Short Courses for Credit

Students interested in Humanities and the Arts can enrol in ECU creative units while still at school and get credit for those units when they start their degree. These courses are run in the mid semester break.

Students should register for ECU newsletters about  these courses  so they get early notice of opportunities like this.


The line between university and school is blurring. Universities are becoming less rigid about entry requirements and more thoughtful about what elements are required to succeed at university.

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