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If your Year 12 mid year exam results were grim… TRY THIS

If your mid year exam results have left your ATAR rank looking grim….

Adjustment Points might boost your ATAR for university.

Lift off to UniWhat Are Adjustment (Bonus) Points?

These are points that most universities offer so that all students get an equal chance of being offered a place at university.

If you have not quite achieved the ATAR Minimum Selection Rank due to some form of disadvantage, Adjustment Points might boost your score so that you are offered a place.

How do I get them? 

Each university may have slightly different criteria that make you eligible so you will need to decide which university you want to go to then check with them.

Check Which University is Best for You? then check their adjustment point system.

This is Curtin’s eligibility criteria:

  • You must be an Australian/New Zealand citizen or permanent resident (including Permanent Humanitarian Visa Holder)
  • You must achieve an ATAR from 60.00 to 69.95
  • You must demonstrate English language proficiency, by:
    • a scaled mark of at least 50 in WACE English ATAR, Literature ATAR or English as an Additional Language/Dialect ATAR, OR
    • a Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) Written English test minimum score of 140, OR
    • another approved English test

Plus you must meet ONE of the following eligibility measures:

Measure You’re eligible if
Financial hardship You are receiving Youth Allowance, or have a parent or guardian receiving a Commonwealth Income Support or Commonwealth means-tested Assistance payment.
Indigenous Australian You have an Indigenous Australian background.
Educational disadvantage This means you must have completed Year 12 at a school with an Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) value of 1000 or less, or a school located in a designated regional or remote area (including students completing Year 12 through the School of Isolated and Distance Education) or a school with low tertiary entrance participation rates. See the approved School list below.
For further information regarding the criteria for a school to be included on the approved list please contact the Admissions Office on 1300 222 888 or via email

Adjustment Points in WA Universities


Curtin StepUP

TISC applicants, with an ATAR between 60.00 – 69.95 will be given adjustments points and assessed at 70.



ECU Access

Eligible students with an ATAR of 60 to 69.95 will receive a selection rank adjustment to 70.

Eligible students with an ATAR of 70 and above will receive a selection rank adjustment of 5 to a maximum ATAR of 90.


Murdoch RISE

Murdoch’s RISE will adjust the ATAR of eligible students by up to 10.00 to a maximum of 90.00.



UWA Broadway

Eligible students with an ATAR of 75.00 to 79.95 will receive a rank of 80.00. Eligible students with an ATAR of 80.00 or above will also receive a positively adjusted selection rank.


logo-notre-dameNOTRE DAME – Special Consideration

Notre Dame doesn’t have a formula. Students can submit a supporting form outlining a need for special consideration  with their application.



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