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Year 12 at last – How to be Awesome

Year 12 is a magical year. You are at the pinnacle of your school career. So many opportunities are open and your teachers are there to support you every step of the way.

You will never again have such a dedicated group of experts focused on YOUR success.

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  • Help your teachers to have a rich and fulfilling life!! You are the reason they are teachers. They love helping students.  Use their expertise and generosity to make your Year 12 all it can be. Whether you want to be a quantum physicist or travel the world, your teachers WANT you to succeed. Tap into their need to help.
  • Revise your study skills and get your study plan into place ASAP. There is no time to waste in Year
  • If you still haven’t discovered what you love, time to get stuck in to making a decision OR start looking at opportunities to expand your knowledge and experience through a Gap Year. Some of the most interesting adults still haven’t decided what they want to do, they just keep doing stuff that they love.

Life after school

  • Explore scholarships by subscribing to the scholarships news at the Good Universities Guide and Curtin University.
  • Check out scholarships and awards in whatever field you are thinking of. There are so many possibilities and at times NO ONE applies for the scholarship!
  • Check the School Curriculum and Standards Authority Year 12 Information book.


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