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Quick Tips for Senior School Students

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Here are some tips for Year 12, 11 and 10 students.

Year 12 Burnout

shutterstock_73010161 (2)The biggest challenge for many Year 12s’ is burnout. You can be caught at the crossroads between deep anxiety about succeeding V trusting the universe to care for you and walking away.

CREATE A PLAN  The best way to cope with the Year 12 marathon is to create a plan so that you peak as you head into final assessments.

With your plan you can schedule breaks and fun and hopefully make it through to the end of the year without burning out.

As you plan your calendar schedule in visits to university and TAFE open days and the Careers and Skills Expo.

Check out How to Blitz Year 12.

Find a bank of suggestions to help you to succeed in Year 12 HERE.

Year 11 Drift

Senior School Student with Parent

Starting Year 11

The biggest risk for many Year 11s’ is complacency. Being smart isn’t going to be enough in Year 11. Make yourself a Study Plan.    You can get scholarships, places at uni, job/work experience offers and entry to competitions based on your Term 1 results.

Map out your calendar for the year and include:

  • open days at universities and TAFE colleges
  • Careers and skills expos.

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You need to hit the ground running as your TERM ONE RESULTS COUNT!!

Year 10 Say “YES”

giphy.gif 2

Year 10 is a fantastic year. It is a time to have fun and explore as you learn to learn.  It can be a life changing year as you discover new opportunities and ideas and people.

You need to work it though. Check how to Blitz Year 10 HERE. 

Make sure you clean up your digital footprint at the start of the year and only add things that make you look awesome.

Make your Year 10 a Once in a Lifetime Experience.


Bev Johnson

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Author: Bev Johnson

I went to uni because my girlfriend was going to uni. I had no idea. I struggled through my degree. I struggled to avoid teaching. I struggled to find my way in the world beyond school. After washing cars and working in bars I went into marketing and then became an English teacher. It didn't stop there. I went into TAFE, then into HR, then into designing training programs for industry before going into system design and IT. At one stage I became a world expert on collaboration frameworks!! Now I am an expert in career paths from school in Western Australia. You can tap into my expertise by subscribing to my newsletter for West Australian high schools or by working with me online as we design your perfect next step. Contact me at or M: 0434056412

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