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3 Tips for Making 2018 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER

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I hope 2018 is your best year EVER.

If you have plans… I hope they work out for you.

If you don’t have plans, I hope brilliant things just fall into your lap!

You can improve your chances of having your BEST YEAR EVER by trying these three tricks.

Trick 1 – Imagine Your Best Year

Forget trying to be the BEST YOU CAN BE!!


Cross Out

Just imagine what your best 2018 will look like and do that.

Live Your Best 2018

It is more fun and easier to do.

Keep it real.  I didn’t imagine me flying my private jet to meet Hugh Jackman… that is someone else’s best year … not mine.hughjackman


Give it a go. Imagining your best life is fun.

Trick 2

To make 2018 your best year it MUST reflect your values.  I have a tried and true method for sorting out what is important to you.


Step 1: Make a list of 8 people you like




Daughter 1

Daughter 2

Daughter 3

Dali Lama

William Shakespeare

Step 2: Next to each person’s name write three things you like about them.

Mum – clear, smart, family

Dad – funny, kind, wise

Alan – calm, adventurous, does stuff

Daughter 1 – family, determined, smart

Daughter 2 – fun, kind, determined

Daughter 3- fun, determined, clear, doer

Dali Lama – wise, clear, communicator

William Shakespeare – genius, clear, communicator

Step 3: Check over your list. Can you group any that are similar?

In my example, having fun, doing stuff and having adventures can be grouped together in my mind.

Mum – clear, smart, family   Dad – fun, kind, wise  Alan – calm, adventurous, does stuff  Daughter 1 – family, determined, smart  Daughter 2 – fun, kind, determined  Daughter 3- fun, determined, clear, doer  Dali Lama – wise, clear, communicator  William Shakespeare – genius, clear, communicator

Make up your own groups. Clump together things that seem similar to you.

These groups reflect your core values.

Step 4: Check out your groups

Knowing what is important to you helps you to be calm and confident about the decisions you make.  Check out and group your values so that you can consciously and deliberately make decisions that are grounded in your core values.

EXAMPLE: My best life will be consistent with these values….

  • having fun doing lots of stuff. (I love being busy and doing stuff with energetic people.)
  • being a clear, smart, communicator. (As I am a writer who collates and communicates information… I am on track with this.)
  • being kind to my family. (They are my reason for living so this will be easy.)

I have two other great games that will help you to clarify how to plan your life around your values.  If you would like to see those let me know and I will post them for you.

Trick 3

I promised you only 3 Tricks so here is the third.

Download Coggle. It is free, easy to use and fun.

Start your 2018 Plan. Then click and play. Check out your answers to Trick 1 and Trick 2 and use your information there to create as many arms and actions to the map as you like.

I will make one arm for each family member and one for work, home, dreams and health. I will create as many action branches as I like on each.

The mind map becomes your plan for Your Best Life for 2018.




Bev Johnson


I provide career news and information to career advisors, school students and families.

For a complimentary issue contact me.




Author: Bev Johnson

Hi, I'm Bev Johnson I started my career as an English teacher in Western Australia and quickly added a pastoral care role to support kids and help them to find their purpose. My career lead through education to the TAFE sector, into business development, through ICT systems development and human resource management. My purpose was always to have fun while learning new things and making the world a better place. I am now having a great time unearthing new ways to help young people to make the giant leap from school into their future. You can tap into my information and advice by subscribing to my newsletter, getting me to speak to your group and reading my blog. Contact me at or M: 0434056412

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