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How Parents Can Help Year 12s

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Teaching your teenager to drive is EASY compared to helping them with their career choice!!

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Your school leaver will probably NOT be one of the few who knows what they want to do next year. Your teenager WILL probably be one of those who is stressed and worried about 2018.

These ideas will guide you to help your teenager to start their next chapter with as little stress as possible.

1. Slow Down

Your teenager is not unusual. School leavers can take years to decide what they want to do. They narrow down their choices as they get experience. This can be costly if they get experience through education and training with fees being so high so check Is the Uni Bus Right for You?  to find information about some of the options.

2. Get Career  Information and Advice

The hardest part is deciding what direction to take.

  • There are Careers Centres in Forrest Place Perth and in the regions. You can do the JigCal aptitude test to identify some career pathways to suit and get free advice about what direction to take based on the test results.
  • Try these online career quizzes Student Edge Career Matcher, UWA Career Quiz, SkillsRoad Career Quiz. They are fun and may give a clue about possible career directions.
  • Consult a private career planner who knows how to identify appropriate career paths and opportunities to match who people are and their abilities.

If your son or daughter is thinking of going to university or TAFE they both provide free career counselling. You are under no obligation to enrol at the place where you get your counselling.

Online Information

There is enough online information to drown you. Check what these sites have to offer.

  • Career Bullseye posters are useful tools to narrow down the types of work that students find interesting.
  • The Job Guide provide an in-depth look at a range of occupations and education and training pathways to support people to make informed career decisions.
  • The My Skills website connects individuals and employers looking to undertake training with training organisations that best suit their needs.
  • The MyUniversity website provides students with access to clear, meaningful and transparent information about Australia’s higher education providers.
  • The Job Outlook website is a careers and labour market research information site to help individuals decide on their future career.
  • The Good Universities Guide is worth checking out. It has information about TAFE and university courses. It ranks the different organisations based on student feedback and they provide information about scholarships and funding for study.

Go to Year 12  to find links that are helpful.

3. Take Action

This is the easy part. When a decision has been made to go to uni, do an apprenticeship, get a job for a year it is time to take action.

Going to Uni

Make sure the uni application is in by the end of September. You can always change your choices.

  • If you want to defer for a year, put in your application first. When you get offered a place, then you defer for a year. Contact your university for more information.
  • If you want to go but didn’t get offered a place

Didn’t get offered a place??? Check Alternative Pathways to University.

Going to TAFE

  • Go to see a career counsellor at TAFE to clarify what course and subjects you wish to take. Ask the counsellor to advise you about courses that are subsidised by government because of skills shortages. These courses are on the State Priority Occupation List (SPOL) and are cheaper than many other courses.
  • Decide which course to enrol in.
  • Apply for a place in your chosen course. Check the college website for online applications.

Applying for an Apprenticeship/Traineeship?

  • Get the apprentice job search app here. That will help you to find your local Group Training Provider in WA.
  • Get help from your school career advisor to prepare your CV ready for job applications. has great tips for a good CV.
  • Check Youth Central for advice on how school leavers can write a good job application.
  • Get references from school before you leave and get copies of them. Get the correct title and contact details of those at school who give you a reference.
  • Ask your family and friends if they know of any apprentice opportunities.
  • Search for apprenticeship opportunities on sites like Indeed, Jora and Seek.
  • There is a list of apprenticeship mentor services that can lead to you getting an apprenticeship. Contact me for the latest list.
  • Ask your local TAFE if they have any pre apprenticeship programs. They can be tricky to get into as demand is always high. Employers often contact their local TAFE to find a good employee to take on as an apprentice.

Gap Year

If your son or daughter doesn’t know what to do, take a break.

  • Check out Gap Year opportunities and travel.
  • Take some part time courses.
  • Try getting a job in a field you are interested in.
  • Check the Volunteer button for volunteer opportunities in fields that interest you.

If you want to keep up with the emerging opportunities available for your family in Western Australia, subscribe to the In Focus Careers Newsletter. Contact me at or on M:0434056412

Author: Bev Johnson

Hi, I'm Bev Johnson I started my career as an English teacher in Western Australia and quickly added a pastoral care role to support kids and help them to find their purpose. My career lead through education to the TAFE sector, into business development, through ICT systems development and human resource management. My purpose was always to have fun while learning new things and making the world a better place. I am now having a great time unearthing new ways to help young people to make the giant leap from school into their future. You can tap into my information and advice by subscribing to my newsletter, getting me to speak to your group and reading my blog. Contact me at or M: 0434056412

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