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Leaving Teaching

Teachers are notorious for not planning their retirement. They are so focused on helping their students to prepare for their futures that they forget to plan for themselves.

If you love teaching it becomes your vocation. It gives your life purpose. Leaving your job, your students and your friends can feel like stepping off a cliff.

YachtPlan a trip

A trip will give you something to look forward to and it will give you a routine and purpose as you break the daily lockstep regime of school.

 Renovate Your Living Space

If you are changing direction it is good to plan your living space to suit your new lifestyle.

  • Start by chucking stuff out. (Take my advice…. I’m not using it! I still have teaching resources in the shed from 20 years ago!)
  • Make space for friends or grandkids to come and stay. Or you may need space to care for an ageing parent.
  • Create a U-Space. A place where you get to do your stuff uninterrupted.
  • Renovate your house so that you can house swap with a retired teacher from England for 6 months.

Earn some money

You are too young to sit in a rocking chair on the verandah for the next 30 years. Your teaching expertise could be the key to your income.

  • You could take on relief teaching or after school coaching.
  • If you are an English teacher you may be able to bring in money by writing.
  • If you are teach phys ed you may start selling or teaching a health regime.
  • History teachers can start earning by researching and writing family histories. Remakery
  • People with practical skills can start up a remakery from home.

More baby boomers are starting small businesses than any other demographic. We have knowledge, experience and a network of contacts to help us to succeed.

Get free help from the Small Business Development Corporation to kick start your new venture.

Find a purpose

DeathtoStock_Medium7.jpgA surprising number of teachers have launched into photography and are becoming really good at it. Indulging their creativity and improving their skills has become their purpose.

Whether it is becoming an expert photographer,  renovating houses or working with orphans in Cambodia finding a purpose may be your biggest struggle after leaving teaching.

Stay In Touch

Don’t lose your friendships. You can maintain your friendships by continuing to work part time or do relief teaching at your school.

Become a Facebook demon and send photos of your trip, your renovation and your new business to your friends.

It is no accident that Baby Boomers are the biggest users of Facebook. We have a rich history of friends to keep in touch with and lots of memories to share.

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Next Steps

If you are tired of trying to think about what you are going to do next and feeling overwhelmed by stepping into the world beyond school it may be time to think about hiring a qualified career advisor to guide you towards your next chapter.

Contact me for a confidential discussion on M:0434056412 or


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