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Year 12 What Next?

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University is just one of many pathways available after school.  In this one day workshop Year 12s will learn how to be awesome.  They will discover how to:

  • Focus on a giga-dream
  • Plan nano strategies
  • Engage with universities, TAFE colleges, jobs, scholarships and gap year opportunities.
  • Engage teachers as coaches and mentors
  • Create a broad network of supporters

This is the final year that a team of teachers is there to support school students. Year 12 is a time to bite off more than you can chew.

To design a bespoke workshop that meets the needs of your students contact or phone M:0434056412

Author: Bev Johnson

Deciding what to choose for a career as we experience this tsunami of change is a huge challenge for school leavers. Hello, my name is Bev Johnson. I write, teach and coach senior students so that they have the best possible opportunity to become future ready citizens.

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