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Teachers’ Big Day Out at Curtin Uni

Curtin’s bright new shiny things were explained at the Teachers’ Big Day Out on May 8th.

It has 58,000 people studying at Curtin….that’s bigger than Bunbury! And they are designing the Bentley campus like a city.

There is  a new road going through the centre of the campus, they are building 1000 new accommodation units for students, visiting academics and industry partners, they have food vans and entertainment.

It is modern and cool and has an enviable academic reputation.

Hense_BewleyShaylor_FORMVice Chancellor Deborah Terry said the 30% international student population is a great advantage as that helps prepare students to work in a global market.

Kim Flintoff from Curtin Learning Futures – Eco Challenge

The Eco Challenge is a free online UN Environment Programme game organised by Curtin Uni. There are two players per team and they play to align the demands of government, commerce, health and industry to manage a water supply.

Kent St and Rossmoyne High Schools are among previous winners. Now the Eastern States Schools are entering the Australian competition!!

The competition is structured in two tiers – national and international. Teams are ranked nationally and top teams will be acknowledged in the international competition.

For more information go HERE

Civil and Mechanical Engineering 


Civil and Mechanical Engineering was showcased via their link between Curtin and the NASA Jet Propulsion Unit where one Curtin student gets an internship each year.

The Jet Propulsion Unit created the Hedgehog robot that rolls and tumbles in micro-gravities. The student who had recently returned from the internship was VERY excited about the top secret research work he had been doing on lightweight, agile drones.

These guys were geeks. They told us to check out the Earth through Saturn’s rings as photographed by the Cassini probe. Awesome photos.


Curtin also works with NASA on the Fireballs in the Sky project that encourages people to download an app and start recording meteorites as they see them.

Curtin Business School

I clearly didn’t understand the prestige associated with the Curtin Business School gaining accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.


This is a VERY BIG DEAL…. apparently. That alliance has to be good for graduates looking for jobs.

The CBS covers courses from Commerce to Law and Marketing. There is such a big range that can be seen HERE.

Curtin Health Sciences

This presentation got taken over by people focusing on getting into medicine. I have written about Curtin’s Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery HERE.

There is strong uptake of students doing Oral Health Therapy with students getting jobs even before they finish their degree. Physiotherapy graduates get full time work pretty quickly while some other graduates take longer to find a full time position.


The bright new shiny thing in the Humanities Department is the Animation and Game Design degree.

There is portfolio entry to most humanities courses if you can demonstrate equivalence to Curtin’s ATAR entry through the submission of a portfolio that evidences your academic achievements, qualifications and ability.


The key message about engineering is that you need to have Maths Methods to ATAR level and at least one of: Chemistry ATAR, Physics ATAR, Engineering Studies ATAR or equivalents.

There will be early entry applications to Engineering this year. Applications use predicted ATAR scores and acceptance into a place is conditional on actual ATAR scores meeting minimum requirements.

10/10 for Organisation

I was impressed. Parking organised. Coffee shop prepped. Great presentations. Driverless bus on display. Experts available during breaks.

If their courses are as good as this information day there is little wonder Curtin attracts 50.6% of school leavers’ first preferences.

Driverless bus




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