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What should you be working on right now?

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There are 53 days to the start of written WACE exams 

  1. Keep motivated by picturing your long term goal.
  2. Ask teachers for help to identify your weaknesses. Make those your TO DO list.
  3. Plan your study and adjust your techniques to make the most of your time.
  4. Revise your study skills.
  5. Create a “sleep set-up system”.

⇒ Pack school bag.

⇒ Have a shower.

⇒ Clean teeth.

⇒ Say goodnight.

⇒ Go to bed.

By the time you get into bed your monkey brain chatter should have stopped. If not, learn some self-hypnosis techniques to hep you to manage your sleep routine.





Author: Bev Johnson

My prime purpose is to help people find their right path and engage their potential to create their best possible world. We ALL deserve the opportunity to live our lives to the fullest. Just knowing what opportunities are available is half the battle. I write, teach and coach people to give them the BEST chance to succeed.

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