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Who is on Your Career Team?

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RoadDon’t try to go it alone. Even Luke Skywalker needed a support team.

A strong team will help you to solve problems you can’t solve, they will have knowledge you don’t have, they will know people who can help you.

Make it Happen

Identify your ideal team of 6 to 8. It doesn’t have to be a real person, you could have Luke Skywalker or Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games.

When you have identified your team look at each one and say why you chose them.

Did you choose Luke Skywalker because he “will never turn to the Dark Side” or because he is powerful, loyal to his friends, and great at using a laser sword?

Identify the key characteristics of EACH team member.

When you have finished look at the list of team strengths you want.

Check out your family, friends, teachers, sports coaches, anyone who could become part of your career team. If you are missing any vital elements, ask around. One of your team will know someone who could provide that missing element.

Good luck with creating your team. Chairs coloured




Author: Bev Johnson

Hi I'm Bev and I deliver the best career information and advice available for school students across Western Australia. I really care about kids leaving school. After 12 years of nurturing the system drops them out of the school gate. I am fighting to create life rafts that sail off to the best destination for ALL students.

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