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UWA 6 Year Medical Science Pathway

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UWAUWA is starting a 6-YEAR medicine, dentistry and podiatry pathway in 2017. This was announced at the UWA Career Advisors’ Day on Thursday 28th May.

You must have undertaken the UMAT to gain a place within the quota of 400 students. Applications to undertake the UMAT close on 3rd June.

This new Health/Medical Direct Pathway includes a Medical Sciences major.

More information about direct entry can be found here.

To gain a place within the quota of 400 students you will need to apply through TISC.


Author: Bev Johnson

I am an educator, business woman and grandmother. I use my years of experience and networks to pull together information from across the state and around the world and give our kids the best chance to succeed. I have always worked to create equal opportunities for people. In Focus Careers works to democratize career choices for ALL West Australians.

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