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Coder Dojo

WA has more Dojos than any other city in the world with 48 in Perth and two more in regional centres.

If you want to start helping kids to create technology by creating your own dojo, or getting involved with a group that has already started, they are looking for mentors including digital creatives, game developers, storytellers, students, coders, IT professionals of all kinds as well as people who are generally great at supporting young people. You don’t need to know how to code to be a great mentor.

You can volunteer on the Coderdojo WA site. M: 0434056412


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Author: Bev Johnson

Hi I'm Bev and I deliver the best career information and advice available for school students across Western Australia. I really care about kids leaving school. After 12 years of nurturing the system drops them out of the school gate. I am fighting to create life rafts that sail off to the best destination for ALL students.

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