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TAFETAFE isn’t as cheap as it used to be.

But not all courses are expensive either.

Government subsidies in WA are determined by a State Priority Occupation List (SPOL). Occupations identified as a high priority on this list receive more funding for training than occupations that are lower on the list.

Occupations in agriculture, for example, are currently a high priority (2A) so the courses are comparatively cheap.

You can search for specific occupation profiles on the site and get a print out of the status of different occupations.

Training colleges are funded to provide training in the high priority courses and you will only have to pay a fraction of the true cost of undertaking the course.





Author: Bev Johnson

Deciding what to choose for a career as we experience this tsunami of change is a huge challenge for school leavers. Hello, my name is Bev Johnson. I write, teach and coach senior students so that they have the best possible opportunity to become future ready citizens.

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